Seussical from the Director

“Seussical the Musical” takes two imaginary worlds, collides them together, and brings them to life. Whatever dreams or “thinks” are in your head can become a reality. Every year I experience this. It all starts with a vision in my mind, and then one year later it is on the stage. This would not be possible without the amazing talent and dedication of the students, and the diligence of our parent volunteers.

Dear Parent Volunteers,

You all know I have trouble delegating responsibility and that I put a lot of the tasks on my own shoulders. It is not because I feel any of you are incompetent, I promise! Each show is my baby, and passing on a task is like sending it to day- care for the first time. I don’t want to miss out on any part of the show’s development. That being said, I cannot do these shows without all of you. Whether you are spending hours in the school, shopping for supplies, or simply bringing your child back and forth for rehearsals, you have contributed to making this program a success. Thank you!

Dear Students,

You are why I do this program. You are why I am working in this career. Sure, I get frustrated from time to time. Sometimes I’ll snap during rehearsal and threaten to cancel everything. Ignore those moments and focus on the fact that we all keep coming back together on this stage. We are a family. We stick with each other through the good and the bad, and help each other become a success. These shows would never happen without a group of caring, dedicated individuals like yourselves. It’s not about the music, the lines, or the choreography. It’s about what we build outside of that; the experiences, the memories, the friendships.

For that, I thank you!