First Drama Club Meeting for Students for the 2017-2018 Season

Everyone in a large circle, former Mr. Tay students from Boca High talk and warm up the group before the meeting starts.

Mr. Tay made 50 copies and thought there would be plenty. He was wrong. Turns out more like 70 students showed up for the first official meeting of the Boca Middle Drama Club along with 15 previous students from High School. The meeting was animated and informative for the new and veteran drama club students. The room was full and the energy was electric.

My. Tay had former students run the current drama club members through some warmup exercises in a large circle to loosen up.

There were a lot of new faces from all grades and of course, the 6th and 7th graders from last year.

Students get their handouts and listen closely to Mr. Tay during the first meeting for the 2017-2018 season.

Night On Broadway

The first order of business was talking about the first show of the season: A Night on Broadway. And this year, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. All songs will be from Disney and who doesn’t like Disney songs! Students were told to pick a Disney song soon so they could reserve the song they like.

Bye Bye Birdie

The biggest questions of the year were answered tonight: what were the auditions going to be for this year’s musical Bye Bye Birdie. Girls can either sing “How Lovely to be a Woman” or “An English Teacher”, and boys are to sing the song “Honestly Sincere”. There is also dialogue that will be part of the audition as well as a simple dance choreography. Auditions will take place the second week in September.

High school students talk about their experiences in the drama club at Boca Raton Community Middle School with Mr. Tay.

Orientation from High School Students

Finally, high school students gave their stories, advice, and heart-felt advice to the drama club members which was funny and poignant. After the high school students, talked, students were let go to start dreaming and practicing and getting ready for a very exciting year ahead!