Drama Club – Important Updates

Hello everyone! This is Mr. Tay…

There is a lot of information below. Please read it carefully and contact me with questions. Don’t forget to check out info on bocamiddledrama.org and find way to connect with us via connect.bocamiddledrama.org

I’d like some help taking care of concessions for October 19th Talent Show. All profits go to our program. Please reach out to me asap if you are willing to volunteer!!


1. Auditions are this week. There is still room on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school if you haven’t signed up yet. Friday is full. Cast list should be posted before the end of the month.

2. Students need to get T-shirt order form from Mr. Tay asap, or get the form from bocamiddledrama.org. T-shirts are being ordered within the next 2 weeks.


  1. Night on Broadway rehearsals are going well. I will be posting sign-up sheets this week to begin working on individual songs.
  2. SCHEDULE – ADD rehearsal 4:05-5:30 on OCTOBER 16 & OCTOBER 30
    DELETE rehearsal on OCTOBER 19 (Talent Show)
  3. Costuming for Solo students – it would be great if what you wear somehow represents your character or the movie. If this is not possible, then it has always been our standard to dress nicely (no jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc).
  4. Costuming for group – For the closing number, I’d like everyone to be in a  button-down shirt and bottoms that they will be able to easily do their choreography in (no jeans!) Shirts should NOT be bold in color. If you have suspenders or a vest to add, even better! Shirts do not need to be fitted perfectly, as the characters are orphan boys. We can supply some things, but it will be difficult to supply for 45+ students. Look at pictures from “Newsies” for a better idea of tops. If you do not have anything and/or need assistance, please contact Mr. Tay or our costume mom Veronica (vfondeur1@yahoo.com).

IMPORTANT! Students will be dismissed at approximately 5:30 from rehearsals (give or take a minute). Please be there are that time to pick up your child. I must stay until all kids are picked up. Several students have not been getting picked up until 20-40 minutes later, creating both professional and personal schedule conflicts. If it is not possible for you to be there at 5:30, please contact me to see what can be worked out. Thank you!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT WITH DRAMA CLUB!!!! It’s going to be an amazing year!!!

Mr. Joshua Tay
Electives Dept. Instructional Leader
Chorus and Drama Director
SAFE (Student Alliance For Equality) Advisor – GSA
Boca Raton Community Middle School

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
―  Hans Christian Andersen