Therapist Contract Agreement

If the company pays the masseur an “hourly rate” during working hours, check the first box. This selection requires additional items provided in the language it contains. Therefore, enter the dollar amount that the massage therapist earns for each hour of work in the first empty field of this return, the dollar amount earned for each 30-minute session in the second empty line, and the dollar amount that the company pays for each 15-minute session that the massage therapist provides in the last empty field. The second check box defines the massage therapist`s rate of pay as a percentage of the fees charged for the services provided. If this is the case, check the box labeled “Percentage Rate” and note the percentage of fees collected that the massage therapist should expect in the empty box in front of the percentage sign. If none of these statements describe exactly how the massage therapist`s salary is determined by the company, check the third box and specify the exact method by which the company calculates the massage therapist`s remuneration, in the blank lines after the word “Other”. The last point where this document needs to be prepared is “XXI. Applicable law”. Here, note the name of the state in which this contract is maintained, in the empty field after the words “. Stand of.┬áThe agreement between a therapist and a massage company is between a massage company. The agreement applies to any type of therapist who uses their hands to provide therapeutic or physical therapy to a client. The main purpose of the agreement is to describe the payment and responsibilities of the therapist.

Under this agreement, the Contractor is not considered an employee and is responsible for paying its federal (IRS) and state taxes. The article “V. Clothing/Apparel” requires us to define whether the company requires the massage therapist to wear a uniform If this is the case, check the first checkbox in this section and describe the clothing that the company expects from the massage therapist during working hours, or cite an appendix with this information contained therein. If the masseur is not supposed to wear a specific uniform or clothing, check the second box. In the sixth section of this document, we need to define the “payment method” that the company uses to provide compensation to the massage therapist. That is, how many times the massage therapist can expect payment for his services. You can check the Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Other boxes. Note that the last selection of the check box contains a blank line in which a particular salary plan can be reported in more detail if necessary.

The following example displays a “monthly” payment plan. Some massage therapists are required to pay rent to the company to maintain the employment contract between the two. If this is to be a prerequisite for this employment relationship, tick the first box of the seventh article (“VII. Rent”). You must enter the rental amount in the vacant line after the dollar sign in this declaration and provide the physical address of the room that the massage therapist rents in the last three empty fields. If the company does not ask the massage therapist to pay the rent, check the box attached to the “Do not pay rent” statement. The eighth article aims to define whether the company or massage therapist is required to pay for equipment and supplies used during working hours during the massage therapist. Check the “Business” box if the company has to pay for these items If the massage therapist is supposed to pay for the equipment and supplies used, check the “Contractor” box. The next article that requires special attention is “IX.

Termination of the Agreement.┬áThis article will consolidate which of these parties reserves the right to terminate this employment contract. If “either party” can terminate this Agreement at will, check the box for the first statement. This selection contains an empty field in which you note how many days the terminating party must inform the remaining party before officially cancelling these documents. If only the company can terminate this agreement, check the second box and indicate how many days the massage therapist must receive from the company before the end of the contract. If only the masseur can terminate this contract at will, check the third box. If this is the case, pay attention to the number of days before termination that the masseur must indicate on the designated empty space. Who can terminate this contract and how such termination should take place, you can specify via the blank lines in the last check box selection….