What Is The Early Decision Agreement On The Common App

Early action plans are not binding – students receive a quick response to their request, but do not have to commit to the college before the normal response date of May 1.

If I go to the My Colleges section of the shared app, I don`t get asked for a DE or rd anywhere. Which section should I search in?

Applicants can edit their Vanderbilt decision plan through the MyAppVU portal. Wait up to two business days for this change to appear in your MyAppVU portal. Amendments to the decision plan may be submitted only up to one month after the expiry of the period of the decision plan. The emergency agreement is required for students who change their decision plan to Advance Ruling 1 or 2. Higher admission rates for ED applicants may be correlated with stronger profiles among candidates who choose ED. Students should ask the admissions office if their institution`s admission standards differ between ED and regular applicants, and then assess whether an early application makes sense given their own profile. Early decision pathways work very similarly to early action, as students submit their applications before they expire and receive their admission decisions shortly after. While application deadlines vary from university to university, regular decision deadlines usually fall in early January and admissions are sent in late March or early April.

Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) plans can be beneficial for students, but only for those who have carefully considered their college options and have a clear preference for an institution.