The Joshua Tay Theater

Mr. Joshua Tay stands in front of the stage which now bears his name. All students, parents, friends, family, and faculty agree that Joshua’s mark on drama at Boca Raton Community Middle School is now an important part of the academic curriculum at the school and this is well-deserved.

After many weeks of planning and getting approvals and collecting donations from students, parents, and friends, Mr. Joshua Tay was presented on Friday, April 27, 2018 with his plaque that commemorates the naming of the stage at Boca Raton Community Middle School the “Joshua Tay Theater”. It will be permanently installed on the theater wall in the coming months along with his name in letters above the stage.

Principal Slack read a message to Joshua Tay from everyone before Luanda de Hilster, the drama club’s president presented the plaque to Joshua, who turned his back on the audience, fighting back his tears.

Here is the video of the presentation and the text below that which was read to him by Principal Slack on behalf of all who Joshua has touched through the years.


“The most important mission and sense of accomplishment for any teacher is to leave a positive impressionable mark on their students. It is there that they find their purpose, their mission, their calling.

During his short stay at Boca Raton Community Middle School, Mr. Joshua Tay has left a life-long impression on hundreds of students who had the privilege to be part of his choir, drama class, and drama club. His loving and caring attitude of “all inclusive” allowed so many students who would have walked the halls alone, to find their family, their friends, their tribe…

…From the shy student who never thought they could ever get on stage in front of an audience: we thank you. From the vocal student who always dreamed of singing and letting the world hear their voice: we thank you. From the fidgety student who always was on the move and learned to dance: we thank you. And from the aspiring actor or actress who needed their first break for their future successful careers in the arts: we thank you.

There is a common thread which runs through all the students who have passed through Mr. Tay’s door during these last few years. They all have extreme affection for this teacher, this mentor, this friend.

It is with great sadness we say goodbye to you but we wish you love, joy, and happiness in your new life ahead. Although we will miss you dearly, we will always carry in our heart the tremendously loving soul you possess and have shared with all of us.”

We love you Mr. Tay!

– Cast, Crew, Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Friends, and Family