Etfo Tentative Agreement 2020

Since the implementation of the School Board`s Collective Agreements Act in April 2014, EtFO has negotiated central agreements on behalf of its casual teachers/teachers and education workers: Education Minister Stephen Lecce said he was “pleased” with the interim agreement, which also involves teaching assistants and the school board`s foundation board. The agreement also includes a student assistance fund which, according to ETFO, will create approximately 434 teaching positions to deal with areas such as special education, English learning and mental health initiatives. ETFO is the second of four teachers` unions to have tentatively agreed with the province and is following a winter of rotating strikes and work-by-law actions by teachers whose contracts expired last summer. Members of the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (ETFO) have voted in favour of central collective agreements with the Ontario government, the Ontario Association of Public School Boards and the Board of Trustee Associations: ETFO schools will now work with their respective school boards to negotiate local collective agreements. ETFO issued a statement on the interim agreement in which union president Sam Hammond said the negotiation process that led to Friday`s development was “long and difficult.” Education Minister Stephen Lecce today officially announced the looming agreement with ETFO and associated agencies. “Our government is pleased to announce an interim agreement between the Crown, teachers and education workers and school board associations,” Education Minister Stephen Lecce said in a statement. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association reached a preliminary agreement with the province on March 12. ETFO will review the preliminary agreement with its local leaders and members before making further comments to the media. ETFO`s negotiating team will continue negotiations at the central table on behalf of its designated early childhood educators, educational staff and professional support staff. Separate preliminary centralised agreements have been negotiated for casual teachers and ETFO teachers. An ETFO vote between teachers and casual teachers will be held on the provisional agreement, with the results of the vote expected in mid-November. READ MORE: Ontario Elementary Teachers` Union, province reach interim agreement In January-February 2017, ETFO concluded negotiations with the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA) and the Council of Trust Associations (CTA) and the Crown on the extension of the EtFO Teacher, Teacher, DECE, ESP and PSP 2014-2017 Collective Agreements.