Build Over Sewer Agreement United Utilities

If we accept that you can build through a public sewer, you must ensure that you provide sufficient access points to the relevant sewers (wells and rope points). Ideally, buildings and extensions should not be where they would remove an existing access point. If this is not feasible, we can accept the location of an access point outside the proposed development. If you are selling your property, we know that the manhole/drainage has been built and that the work is in accordance with our agreement. Upon request, we confirm this information to individuals or mortgages acting on behalf of a potential buyer. The inspector will also tell us where the sewage drainage channel is, as we sometimes do not have details about the pipes on our mapping systems. We will use this information to update the channel map prescribed by law. Damage to the building or extension may be caused if: Any building control body that operates in our “protocol” refers all cases where a construction agreement may be required of us for further consideration. In certain circumstances, we may establish a construction agreement a posteriori if work has already been carried out over or near a public sewer.

This is just one exception. They will also inform us if they find that the affected sewers are in poor condition or that the soil conditions are not satisfactory. In this case, we will ask one of our own inspectors to visit the website to discuss what will happen next. H. The building/extension has a certain length or if the channel/flow is particularly large or deep….