Arti Prenuptial Agreement

When he found out that I was now working as a financial planner, he wanted to ask me for my opinion on the future management of family finances and the marriage contract (prenup). What is Prenup? It`s necessary, isn`t it? Before the feeling, you first know the background and the content. Come on, let`s get to know pre-nup! The marriage contract or marriage contract is an agreement concluded before the marriage and which binds both parties to the bride and groom who are going to marry. It is about separating property and debts between a man and a woman. The first basis is the Marriage Act of 1974, which applies to all Indonesian citizens. The fact is that if, indeed, the main function of the marriage contract (marriage contract) is not so. This assumption is very reasonable due to the lack of information and education. Here are 3 reasons why marriage contracts are important: In general, the content of Prenup is the separation of property between husband and wife, which maintains the ownership of each party before and during the marriage and is not divided in two in case of divorce. As the name suggests, the marriage contract is a marriage contract concluded before the marriage. However, on the basis of the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) numbering 69/PUU-XIII/ 2015, it is specified that the marriage contract can be concluded before and during the marriage period. Thus, couples who do not have a prenup can do post-up. Let`s see the importance of this marital agreement for Indonesian citizens married to the IYV.

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