A Night on Broadway

NOVEMBER 10, 2016


BRCMS Cafeteria

$5.00 ($3.00 for students)

What is “A Night on Broadway”?

This is an evening full of showtunes! Students prepare solos/duets/small ensemble numbers to perform for an audience. Think of it as a talent showcase. Our first cabaret event was the fall of 2014, and it was a huge success. It is amazing to see the students step up and perform. Some of them truly jumped out of their comfort zone and showed so much growth.

This season, our show will be “Past to Present”, highlighting a variety of Broadway numbers from decades past, to the present. There will be a large group opener and closer, a handful of smaller group numbers, and a whole bunch of other great individual songs!

It is IMPORTANT that the participating students have their songs selected asap! I will be asking for a final decision very quickly after the school year begins so that I can begin preparing the show. See the song list from the information packet (link on home page).


Use the links below to work on choreography for Revolting Children. All I ask is that you do NOT share the links, and don’t make fun of me! I don’t have experience in dance, but we can’t spend the money to hire someone. I’m doing the best I can! Videos 1-3 walk you through the choreography on page 3. Video 4 goes from the beginning to the end of page 3. (All of this would make more sense if it wasn’t just me in the video).

Page 4 – You’ll be ‘skipping’ around the stage while people do the solos up on desks. At “We can S-P-L”, you need to be in 2 lines across center stage. Each measure you take a step forward.

Page 5 – At “You didn’t think”, you will merge into 1 line across the apron of the stage.

Page 6 – Hand up in the air clapping on counts 2 and 4 of each measure. At “We’ll be R-E-V…”, every other person (still clapping) moves back into a second line (We might need to do 3 lines…). Everyone stops clapping and punches the air on “2-L-8-4-U-E-R-E-volting”.

Page 7 – You sing this page repeats twice. First time we repeat the choreo from page 2. Second time, soloist goes up on desk and we all repeat choreo from page 3. “We’ll be revolting children…” is when you will all move downstage, grab the paper planes and such that is on the stage floor, and you launch everything up into the audience when you shout “E-volt-ing”. THE END 🙂

Full Video of Performance